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    Matte Self Healing Surface Protection

    PremiumShield® Matte offers a unique satin finish produced to replicate the factory matte paint available from a variety of vehicle manufacturers. These hard to maintain surfaces become fully protected with the application of PremiumShield® Matte. This distinctive finish can also provide a splash of individualism to a previously glossy surface. The film is UV stable, with resistance to discolouration and cracking.

    PremiumShield® Matte is easy to apply and retains its clarity, durability and superior properties in a wide variety of conditions, offering improved chemical and mechanical resistance and excellent adaptability to complex shapes and curves.

    • 195 microns thick
    • Super matte finish
    • Elasticity up to 400%
    • Self-healing top coat
    • Scratch, impact and stone chip resistant


    PremiumShield® Matte is a matte transparent 0.16 mm thick aliphatic polyurethane film (PU) with a 0.04 mm thin, crystal clear, pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive layer (PSA). The film is specially designed to protect matte car paints, gel coat surfaces or other sensitive matte substrates against scratches, abrasions and stone chips.

    Technical Information



    Colour and surface:

    Matte finish


    195 microns (8 mil)

    Elongation - percent (ASTM D882):


    Peel (PSTC-101) 3D/RT/SS:


    Shear (PSTC-101) 1hr Dwell/SS:

    Avg 257 mins/4:28 hr

    Gravelometer (SAEJ4000):

    Pass (no ruptures)

    Outdoor Weathering - 24 months:

    Pass (no changes) Arizona 45° South Exposure (Range 35°-105°F)

    Chemical resistance:

    Pass (no effect) Isopropanol/water 1: 1 Carburettor cleaner (brushing test)