If you’re new to the world of installing Paint Protection Film (PPF), then you’ll need some expert advice and training. Our staff members have been installing films for a combined 35 years, and conduct training sessions aimed at accelerating your entry into this exciting market. Our courses run monthly out of our Holliston, Massachusetts location, and quarterly in our United Kingdom location.

Three Day Training Syllabus

Currently, we offer a three day training course designed to provide the new installer with a hands on training experience that will help jumpstart their installation career. The goal of this training will be to leave our premises as a certified installer who has the basic tools to go back home and work with this newly acquired skill.

The three day training syllabus covers the following.

Equipment Usage

  • Slip Solution
  • Tack/Flush Solution
  • Squeegee
  • Lock Knife
  • Absorbent Towel
  • PremiumShield Cut Studio


  • Proper installer clothing
  • Installation area preparation for a clean installation
  • Vehicle preparation for an optically clear installation

PremiumShield Cut Studio

  • Cut Studio set up and installation
  • Finding, cutting and weeding patterns


  • Initial factory film removal
  • Installation of PremiumShield film
  • Squeegee Techniques for installation

Sales and Marketing

  • Price tool creation
  • Creating dealership accounts and selling to the Finance manager
  • Market to the end consumer

The goal will be to leave our premises as a certified installer who has the basic tools to go back home and work on this newly acquired skill.

Accommodations and Pricing

Here at PremiumShield we take great pride in our training program. We are confident that it will cover extensive techniques along with great key points for sales and marketing for you to be on your way to become a great installer and business professional. We offer this training as a valuable asset to your business at an affordable price. 

Upon completion of our world class PPF Training School you will be prepared to run your Paint Protection Business with instruction on everything from closing new Dealership accounts with General Sales Manager’s, down to the smallest details of hand cutting Parking Distance Controls.

Cost of Course:

  • Free with the purchase of 5 rolls and the PremiumShield Cut Studio cutting software
  • or Free with the purchase of 20 precut bra kits


  • All training film
  • Intensive 3 day training course
  • Lunch and dinner on Tuesday; lunch on Wednesday
  • 10% off first film and accessories order
  • PremiumShield application on your vehicle


Boston Logan International Airport – 44 miles (~50 minutes)
Providence Green Memorial Airport – 46 miles (~50 minutes)


Double Tree Hotel; Milford, MA – 508-478-7010
Comfort Inn; Milford, MA – 508-634-2499
La Quinta Inn; Milford, MA – 508-531-5900
Holiday Inn Express; Milford, MA – 508-634-1054
Courtyard Boston; Milford, MA – 508-634-9500 ***Preferred***

All hotels are approximately 2.0 miles away from our facility