Frequently Asked Questions

Will it diminish the appearance of my car?

No! PremiumShield will protect your car from road rash, leaving it in showroom condition year after year whilst remaining virtually invisible.

Can PremiumShield and PremiumShield Elite be washed and waxed?

Yes, you may wash and wax your vehicle as if PremiumShield were not present. In fact, our film loves wax!

Will my car’s paint fade under the sun?

Yes. PremiumShield film is UV stable, but will allow UV rays to penetrate. This feature eliminates the “two shades” of paint problem resulting from traditional car “bras.”

Can PremiumShield/PremiumShield Elite be removed?

Yes. PremiumShield uses a patented acrylic adhesive which can be safely removed without residue, even after being applied for years.

Can I install PremiumShield/PremiumShield Elite myself?

We recommend that you do not install PremiumShield yourself. In order to get that 100% optically clear appearance which creates and invisible barrier for your paint, years of training by a professional installer are needed. Check out our installer page to find a professional near you.

How do I clean a stain off PremiumShield/PremiumShield Elite?

Please see the Film Care page of our website for a detail write up with images on how to clean your paint protection film.

Does PremiumShield and PremiumShield Elite come with a warranty?

Please see the Warranty page of our website for an explanation of our warranty.