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    Five Year Guarantee 5 Year

    Smoke Lights High Gloss Protection

    PremiumShield® Smoke is intended to give headlights and tail lights a darker look, plus all the benefits of protection against scratches, abrasion and stone chips.

    The film does not distort the light emittance.

    • 35% light transmittance
    • Change cosmetics without impacting functionality
    • Fogging prevention
    • Self-healing top-coat


    PremiumShield® Smoke is a high-gloss transparent gray tinted 0.16 mm thick aliphatic polyurethane film (PU) with a 0.04 mm thin, crystal clear, pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive layer (PSA). The film is specially designed to protect headlights, spotlights and tail lights against stone chips and other damage PLUS with 35% VLT dark shades, a “custom” look is obtained.

    Technical Information



    Colour and surface:

    Color and surface:


    195 microns (8 mil)

    Elongation - percent (ASTM D882):


    Peel (PSTC-101) 3D/RT/SS:


    Shear (PSTC-101) 1hr Dwell/SS:

    Avg 257 mins/4:28 hr

    Gravelometer (SAEJ4000):

    Pass (no ruptures)

    Outdoor Weathering - 24 months:

    Pass (no changes) Arizona 45° South Exposure (Range 35°-105°F)

    Chemical resistance:

    Pass (no effect) Isopropanol/water 1: 1 Carburettor cleaner (brushing test)