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    Five Year Guarantee 5 Year

    High Gloss Paint Protection

    PremiumShield® Black is the answer to the demand for a super high-gloss black surface that must also be scratchproof, dirt-repellent and stone-chip resistant.  This high-gloss polyurethane film is perfect for application on accent areas such as car roofs, mirrors, hoods, and spoilers, as well as full body vehicle colour changes.

    The ‘custom’ look combined with self-healing protective properties, makes this film a MUST HAVE for any modern enthusiast.

    • High Gloss Urethane Film
    • Reliable protection
    • Perfect for accents
    • Self-healing top coat
    • 5 Year Warranty


    PremiumShield® Black is a high-gloss black 0.16 mm thick aliphatic polyurethane film (PU) with a 0.04 mm thin, pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive layer (PSA). The film is specially designed to add decorative accents to different areas, as well as protecting paints, gel coatings or other sensitive surfaces, thus improving the service life.

    Technical Information



    Colour and surface:

    High Gloss Black


    195 microns (8 mil)

    Elongation - percent (ASTM D882):


    Peel (PSTC-101) 3D/RT/SS:


    Shear (PSTC-101) 1hr Dwell/SS:

    Avg 257 mins/4:28 hr

    Gravelometer (SAEJ4000):

    Pass (no ruptures)

    Outdoor Weathering - 24 months:

    Pass (no changes) Arizona 45° South Exposure (Range 35°-105°F)

    Chemical resistance:

    Pass (no effect) Isopropanol/water 1: 1 Carburettor cleaner (brushing test)