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    Paint protection film is in our blood.

    We are a family-owned business that has been involved in the paint protection film industry for the last 40 years.  Family dinners were spent discussing 0 to 60 times, horsepower, and adhesive tape manufacturing.

    In 2007 in the heart of Massachusetts Brett Webster and David Diminico started Matrix Films to service the local market.  Through many trials and tribulations, a film durable enough to withstand rock chips but clear enough to show the paint was created. This product was called PremiumShield.

    Today, the PremiumShield name is synonymous with an entire system to protect vehicle’s paint.  Through continued efforts to improve our films, the Elite series was born and continues to lead our offering.  To improve installation efficiency we developed CutStudio, a complete pattern library housing all car makes and models from around the world.  Now with over 40 years of combined experience within the paint protection film sector, Matrix Films is focused on bringing to market the best quality materials and vehicle templates and is constantly evolving its product offering to create the best and most efficient experience for our customers.

    Our headquarters remains in the heart of Massachusetts (we’ll forever call it home) but now we have offices and partners around the world including satellite offices and warehouses in the United States and United Kingdom.  The team has grown to include professionals in CAD design, logistics, marketing, sales, customer support, and of course installers all working to bring even more innovation to the PremiumShield portfolio.  Together the team continues to develop Premiumshield’s bespoke software program adding new templates daily; helping to further strengthen the brand position as the world’s most innovative supplier of advanced paint protectionfilm solutions.  Today you can find our network of installers in over 50 countries globally.

    Family dinners still revolve around cars, albeit who is driving which child to which sports practice.  Brett and David still make and install film, it’s still in their blood.

    Premiumshield is truly made by installers for installers.

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    Head Office Locations

    Woldwide map of PremiumShield Offices

    United States
    35 Jeffrey Avenue


    United Kingdom
    Unit C, Lodge Industrial
    CM3 8BH
    United Kingdom

    +44 (0)1245 461645


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