• June 2, 2015

    Tim Burton (Shmee150) Explains Why PremiumShield Paint Protection Is Needed on a Supercar

    Here at PremiumShield, we love it when the supercar world appreciates and decides to show off our PPF (Paint Protection Film). The supercar world is much like the fashion industry in that these companies are always trying to show off their latest designs, artwork, technology and in-novative ideas in the most sexy, exclusive and unattainable (except to a very few) ways possi-ble. The pricing is exorbitant, the performance is mental, and they scream nothing but a dream worthy social status. But, even the lucky few who can afford one of these works of art, wants to protect it. That’s where PremiumShield comes in.

    Tim Burton is living the dream so to speak. He provides those who do not own a supercar the ability to step into that world, to experience what it’s like to own and drive one. Because of his busy travel schedule, attending many automotive events, and spending quite a bit of time on the road, he understands the need for PPF.

    In Shmee150’s recent videoblog Tim teamed up with Topaz Detailing in London, UK. Here he was able to see Topaz’s team of professionals installing PremiumShield Elite on a Nissan GTR. In the process, Tim interviewed our very own Keith Mansfield, the UK General Manager, about the benefits of using PremiumShield Elite Paint Protection.


    As you can see in the video, it’s very easy to see why paint protection film is a must for your new or newly painted vehicle. The McLaren P1 that is shown is a prime example of an investment protected.

    mclaren_p1 mclaren_p1_film

    If you would like more information regarding our paint protection, please feel free to view our website at premiumshield.com.

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