Cut Studio from PremiumShield

Our software offers the following benefits to all PremiumShield Users:

  • A comprehensive pattern library with “wrap” and “non-wrapped” pattern templates
  • Pattern drawers located in the USA and Europe
  • A Web-based program with a user friendly interface
  • The option to modify patterns on your own and save to your own computer to be used “off-line”
  • Experienced customer service agents able to walk you through any issues
  • No per-cut fee! No monthly fee! Cut until your film runs out.

Download your FREE DEMO by clicking on the download button above, you will be able to cut 10 times before demo is fully utilized.

We know you will LOVE this program and want to upgrade to the full version after your demo expires. Our program costs are as follows:

* A one-time license fee of $495.

Trial Login Credentials

Username – DemoUser
Password – demo123!


One-time license fee of $495

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