• Paint Protection NJ

    Porsche Cayman GT4 PremiumShield Elite Full Front End Protection Install

  • Prestige Valeting

    A very rare 1 out of 100, BMW RT1200RT motorcycle being protected with PremiumShield Elite surface protection film.

  • Every Detail

  • Protective Solutions

    2015 Burnt Orange Corvette Z06 convertible. This Vette not only received a full front end with PremiumShield Elite, but it also saw a full paint correction and detail before the film was applied. Once installed, the film was optically clear without any edges visible.

  • AutoNuvo

    AutoNuno completed this F80 BMW M3 with PremiumShield Elite on the full front end and roof. Custom painted from the factory, this customer wanted to make sure his paint was protected from rocks and road debris.

  • Autoident AB

    Autoident in Sweden attracts some fantastic projects like this fantastic Porsche 911 GT3 cup car. Race cars can use PremiumShield as well! Autoident installed our film on the front of this race car as well as the rear quarters. The rear flares on race cars tend to see a lot of abuse and are a […]